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DAIKI ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY INDIA PVT. LTD. (DAH) is an affiliated company of a world-class Secondary Aluminium Alloy maker. We are constantly pursuing the objectives of maximizing product quality and supporting the world’s environment by using the unique quality control technical skills and know-how of our parent company for the utmost customer satisfaction. We always strive for bettering the environment as we are a top maker in the recycling industry.

The Daiki Aluminium Group has G & G as its corporate philosophy. “Global” perspectives and activities set in the world, and “Green” philosophy and practice with a firm eye on the global environment. We are also responsible for SDGs and ESG, which have been gaining attention in recent years, through the recycling of urban mines called scrap and the efforts for co-existence and co-prosperity rooted in the community. Our base in India had proceeded with the construction of a factory under the critical situation of Covid-19, and started production in October 2020. In this country, various regulations have been tightened to improve environmental problems. In order to comply with the regulations, we will introduce sufficient environmental equipment and contribute to the development of the community and India.