Maximum power generation : 9,000 kWh/Day
Power generation start date : 3rd October 2023
Total number of solar panels sheet : 3,705
State of art auto Tracking Module : 32
Installation area 22,034.3 m2



Daiki Aluminium Industry India Pvt. Ltd. Sricity in Andhra Pradesh has a solar park spread over a total an area of 22,034.3 square meter in Chittoor District , Andhra Pradesh, with a capacity of 2 Mega Watt.

In pursuit of our commitment towards climate change and carbon neutrality, Daiki Aluminium Industry India has commissioned state of the art 2 Mega Watt solar power plant for the captive production of secondary Aluminium. We aim to harness the unlimited power source that is our sun and use it to produce electricity thereby reducing our carbon footprint and achieving carbon neutrality.

The solar power plant along with other measures make our product greener and environment friendly. We continue to take a positive step in reduction of Greenhouse Gases emission for a cleaner and healthier environment

Daiki Aluminium Industry India Pvt. Ltd. is eco-friendly and environment conscious company with clean well defined targets ofReduction of CO2 emission In production and distribution process.

Zero waste generated in the manufacturing process. Establishment of smokeless and Odorless.